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toby leBlanc


A little more color to this Cajun

Raised on Bayous and Boudin, educated by Bengals, and now clad in Boots, my writing finds it's Bearing in the South.  All opinions and random thoughts are my own.

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If the dead end moves not once, but twice, shouldn’t that make it twice the party?

Chuck, "The End of the World Bar," Soaked

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Contests and Publications

Dark Roux, Unsolicited Press, 2022

Hidden River Arts, Hawk Mountain Short Story Collection ~ Semi- Finalist

Faulkner Wisdom-Words Competition ~ Finalist

Black Lawrence Press, The Hudson Prize ~ Semi-Finalist

Texas Review Press, George Garrett Fiction Prize ~ Finalist

Leapfrog Press, Fiction Prize ~ Longlisted

The Writing District, Monthly Winner ~

Barrelhouse Magazine, Special Villains Issue ~

Deep South Magazine ~

Coffin Bell Journal, Issue 1.3 ~

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Re-invention or extinction

"Rather than social forces, Locke believed that the Great Migration occurred because of an act of consciousness, a willingness on the...

Reading is good work

I'm embarrassed to admit I couldn't find the author who wrote this, or the exact quote, but it goes something like this: "You need time...

No more virgins

That's it. I'm not going to be using "virginal wilderness" any longer. I've been schooled. First, it is slut shaming, suggesting...

Richlin's Arguments with Silence

Over the weekend I finished Amy Richlin's Arguments with Silence. My wife took a class of hers in college and said it was life changing....

The Road Always Travelled

I recently read Songlines by Bruce Chatwin. I am now reading Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde. The first people of...

Hidden River Arts

Thanks Hidden River Arts and Hawk Mountain for giving Soaked some love:

Morbidly Timely

This connects to the selling of feelings in my last post. Fear, grief, disillusionment: are these what we go into debt from? Or is this...

Selling Feelings

As I perused Atlantic articles and Lit Hub articles and CNN articles I watched as my emotions changed. Each peddled a different feeling:...

Some good South

"The Southern writing tradition has always been the fertile ground for fire. Dry weeds exist, yet the soil is rich. For me, the South is...

Into the Mystic

My first (self-published) novel was full of mysticism. My Catholic upbringing made sure I remained aware of powerful forces beyond my...

Riding Covid Up

This damn pandemic has made me spend more time outside. And that's good. I get to do things like boil crawfish for family I haven't seen...

Toward emptiness

I'm currently reading Eudora Welty & Walker Percy: The Concept of Home in Their Lives. First, I'm amazed at how heady Montgomery can be...

Katrina, but cold

Full disclosure: I was not in New Orleans for Katrina. The worst we had it in Baton Rouge was power loss for a week. I didn't even have...

Soaked in Love

This summer my short story collection Soaked has been getting love from some amazing competitions: Finalist for the George Garrett...

The messiness of names

I read this lovely article yesterday: . In it the auther considers what makes...

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