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A continuation of the new me

I find resolutions are an exercise in disappointment. But, several years ago I was out on New Year's Eve with my wife and some friends and we were talking about resolutions. On that night I said "I want to take my writing more seriously and do something with it." That year I nearly completed the first draft of Dark Roux. It, of course, went through several rewrites and edits before what you see today. But it taught me the power of speaking hope into the universe. I think the trick is to name the destination, but not get hung up on how you get there. So here goes for 2023:

  1. I want to be kinder in word and deed.

  2. But I also want to speak my truth and draw my boundaries no matter how scary they are.

  3. I want to treat my body as kindly as I learn to treat others.

  4. I want our family epic road trip of the summer to be as carefree as the last one was. My intention is to add to that carefree-ness in any way possible.

  5. I want to polish up Debris so I can start submitting it to agents/publishers.

  6. I want to finish a first draft of my yet unnamed novella, and then determine if it should be a bigger or smaller piece that can stand alone.

  7. I want to write a least 2 small pieces and get them submitted.

I would love to hear your intentions for 2023, writing or otherwise! Respond with them if you like and put them in the universe!

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