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Found in Translation

Y'all need to tune into . I have been listening on the way to work and it has been a commute/commune with the ancestors. Mrs. Michot does such a beautiful job of showcasing Louisiana music while giving our language the spoken life it deserves.

I'm reminded of something I said in an interview with Unsolicited Press about Dark Roux. The question was "What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?" My response was that things in Louisiana French just seemed to land differently, maybe with more meaning. When I listen to Ashlee on KRVS I notice I feel what she says even more than when it is spoken in English. I watch my Latino friends speak in Spanish and can tell it just lands different. So I have a request. I would love for you to respond with the phrases or words from your language other than English (along with their English translation) that carry more importance when spoken in our mother tongue. I'll start: my favorite Cajun phrase is "Lache pas la patate." It literally means "Don't let go of the potato." But it's meant to be spoken with forceful compassion that encourages since it means "Don't give up," or "Hold on tight."

So what's yours? Please respond in the comments. I'm anxious to hear from you.

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