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Vacationing shook loose the writing juice

We (the fam) drove to Maine and back over the past 3 weeks. I knew I needed to get away, I didn't know how much. The day I got back I my brain starting cooking a story I'd collected ingredients for over the last year. How is this for a start?: Angie believed there were only two types of people in the world: the ones who were afraid life would change, and the ones who were afraid it wouldn’t. Angie was honest about the fact she was in the former. But she desperately wished she was a person who did well with change. Maybe she would have gotten married. Maybe she would have moved out of Louisiana as it continued to succumb to the Gulf. She definitely would have been the type of Auntie who turned into a mother for her niece and nephew when their mother, her sister, died. Instead, she insisted they continue to call her Angie and their relationship could carry on as utilitarian as it always had.

So maybe it was this envy of change that made her buy the Antarctica lottery ticket along with her two bananas, single pack of arrow root bagels, and 16 oz synthetic coffee she bought ever Monday morning.

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