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A little more color to this Cajun

Raised on Bayous and Boudin, educated by Bengals, and now clad in Boots, my writing finds it's Bearing in the South. The South is as much a state of being as it is a place. All opinions and random thoughts are my own.


If the dead end moves not once, but twice, shouldn’t that make it twice the party?

Chuck, "The End of the World Bar," Soaked


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Contests and Publications

Dark Roux, Unsolicited Press, 2022

Hidden River Arts, Hawk Mountain Short Story Collection ~ Semi- Finalist

Faulkner Wisdom-Words Competition ~ Finalist

Black Lawrence Press, The Hudson Prize ~ Semi-Finalist

Texas Review Press, George Garrett Fiction Prize ~ Finalist

Leapfrog Press, Fiction Prize ~ Longlisted

The Writing District, Monthly Winner ~

Barrelhouse Magazine, Special Villains Issue ~

Deep South Magazine ~

Coffin Bell Journal, Issue 1.3 ~


Reed's Revolution

A week ago, when I grabbed my phone at 1230AM because I couldn't sleep, I fully expected to fall into a Tik Tok hole and be up for...

Found in Translation

Y'all need to tune into . I have been listening on the way to work and it has been a...

Dreaming of hope instead of horror

In a previous post I talked about a piece I am working on set in Antarctica post two degrees of warming. Since then I have been reading...

If Cane Could Talk

Check out my recent review of If Cane Could Talk on Goodreads. It is a solid companion to Dark Roux, giving much more of the political...

Ownership bankruptcy

The above is an excerpt from Barry Lopez’s Horizon. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book which felt as if it were speaking from...

Avengers, Assemble!

I know I've been posting a lot about whiteness. As I'm approaching the pub date for Dark Roux, I'm thinking more and more about scenes in...

Into Nothing

"Whiteness, alone, is mute, meaningless, unfathomable, pointless, frozen, veiled, curtained, dreaded, senseless, implacable. Or so our...

It's sooner than you think

Re-invention or extinction

"Rather than social forces, Locke believed that the Great Migration occurred because of an act of consciousness, a willingness on the...

Reading is good work

I'm embarrassed to admit I couldn't find the author who wrote this, or the exact quote, but it goes something like this: "You need time...

Ain't boiled for a crowd since '19

Cute aren't they? They're Texas bugs. Which means they don't have that deep, earthy taste Louisiana ones do. But they did the trick. All...

No more virgins

That's it. I'm not going to be using "virginal wilderness" any longer. I've been schooled. First, it is slut shaming, suggesting...

Richlin's Arguments with Silence

Over the weekend I finished Amy Richlin's Arguments with Silence. My wife took a class of hers in college and said it was life changing....

The Road Always Travelled

I recently read Songlines by Bruce Chatwin. I am now reading Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde. The first people of...

Hidden River Arts

Thanks Hidden River Arts and Hawk Mountain for giving Soaked some love:

Reluctant Hero(ine) for President!

I, like many of us, am a sucker for the reluctant hero(ine). Gimme Frodo. Love me some Meg Murry. Until this week I thought it was...

Morbidly Timely

This connects to the selling of feelings in my last post. Fear, grief, disillusionment: are these what we go into debt from? Or is this...


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