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Epic LeBlanc family trip highlights and lowlights


  1. Getting to see old friends is always a treat (like Melissa, Larry, Stella, and Rhett). But when they have become family it is a whole other level Maria and Jon did not disappoint with their hospitality, yet again. This shot is the Toronto skyline taken from a pirate ship they booked for a Lake Cruise. So if you are reading this far, that means I was on a pirate ship, on Lake Ontario, looking back at Toronto. And of course we were drinking Dark and Stormys!

  2. Stereotypes get born somewhere. And the one about Canadians being nice...true! The healthcare system is part of that niceness. More on that later.

  3. The architecture tour in Chicago was amazing. I never thought I'd have feelings about buildings.

  4. I was unprepared for how pretty Sheboygan, Wisconsin is. It's Norman Rockwell meets some Northeastern lake town.

  5. There are lots of things I see in real life and leave feeling disappointed. Niagara falls is not one of them..


  1. It was hot until we got to Chicago. I'm a writer whose next book is focused on climate change but even I was surprised. Having to sleep in my skivvies in Toronto because it was too hot felt really wrong.

  2. Despite the heat, the Applebee's in Fort Wayne Indiana (it was all that was open on July 4th) had the heater on. And it was understaffed. I didn't know I could like that place less.

  3. While play-fighting with Louis, my son, my hand ended up in his mouth and nicked his gum. He kept complaining about it and I thought he was being dramatic. It turns out there were a whole bunch of ulcers on the inside of his cheek! Hence why we got to experience Canadian healthcare. Louis got a big "sorry I didn't believe you" from his pappy. Lena, not to be outdone, got a tummy bug (though it only lasted a couple of hours).

  4. Chicago was way more segregated that I expected. I mean, people of different identities didn't even talk on the trains.

  5. This one takes the cake, though. We got super scammed while in Canada and had to change all of our financial info. It felt like being handcuffed behind my back with my pants around my ankles in Grand Isle during a hurricane. 0/0 do not recommend.

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