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Update on the new era

This gorgeous cover belongs to none other than Shome Dasgupta (with Malarkey Books and Mathew Yates' art). The Muu-Antiques comes out early next month and you can pre-order it here. I had the pleasure of reading it and you can see my blurb on the back cover. I highly recommend you pick it up for your summer reading. So much of what I end up reading is heavy and serous. As the cover says, this is one of the sweetest, kindest stories I've read in a long time. It is the perfect YA tale to read on the beach, but will also brighten a drab day.

As for book reviews, my first one is in the bag at the Sothern Review of Books out of Queens University at Charlotte. I'll post a link on my socials to my review of The Songs of Betty Baach when it comes out on Friday. I'll say this: it was delightful. Between Percy (The Muu-Antiques) and Betty I feel so much more hope in the world. There are still superb writers creating characters we can aspire to be like.

I am enjoying this so much I've signed up for another review. I just finished With Hawks and Angels and plan to start writing the review today. I won't put much here (so you will read the review when it comes out next month) but it was breathtaking to see a Lafayette man make a imprint throughout America and Europe. It also confirms that no one leaves South Louisiana without getting reconnected again somehow. Lache pas!

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