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The Next Era

Dark Roux, and really this entire writing life, was birthed on New Year's Eve 2013. While out having drinks with friends we talked about resolutions, out popped "I want to take my writing more seriously." A few years after that there were shorts that showed up in magazines and journals (check out the publications section on the main page). Then, last year, Unsolicited Press was gracious enough to bring Dark Roux to life. Roughly 9 years of becoming (which hasn't ended) was now a real, tangible thing.

I believed that was it; that I had reached the edge of my ability and creativity. There wouldn't be anything left in the tank. That this was my one shining foray into the writing world. But I'm clearly still becoming. There is a short story collection coming out in spring 2024 (stay tuned for more info!) and I am trying to polish up a novel which may or may not make it. I've honestly been working on it since 2005.

But it turns out there's even more to my writing life than that. I've decided to try my hand at book reviews. I'm hoping to get the first one done by June. I promise you will hear about it if it gets published. Also, the great Shome Dasgupta has asked if I could pen a blurb for his upcoming novel. Intimidation and humility are at critical mass with this one.

One of my favorite authors, living or otherwise, is Maurice Carlos Ruffin . I love when he talks about how you know you're a writer and get to call yourself one. Some people say you are a writer if you're writing. Some people say you are a writer when you've published. Today I'm feeling like a writer. Not because I write. And not because I'm published. Today I feel like a writer because I am part of the writing community, living inside a writing world. Man, this feels good. I can't tell you where this is heading or how long it will last. But this ride is something else. If you've read this far, thanks for joining me on it. Because you are part of my community, too.

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