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Top 10 Highlights of this year's epic family road trip

10. Traveling by train: More scenery, space, and freedom than a plane. Food choices are decent too.

9. San Diego Zoo: It really is one of best in the world.

8. Elephant seals: Zoos are cool, but there is nothing like seeing elephant seals in their natural habitat.

7. Universal Studios tour: The amusement park is well done. But getting to see all of the old movie sets brings back my childhood (if only we could have gotten the tour bus up to 88 mph!)

6. San Francisco fog: The bridge is iconic. The bridge in the fog is an icon within an icon.

5. Peanuts museum: A surprise hit with the fam no one saw coming.

4. Oregon Coast: Rocky and rugged, yet still majestic and homey.

3. Canadian kindness: It never stops surprising me how genuinely kind and thoughtful every Canadian person seems to be.

2. Crescent Lake in Olympic National Park: This lake cast a spell over us. Everyone was absorbed by its beauty. It was hard to walk away from. But we all walked away peaceful and happy.

  1. Redwood National Forest: I've wanted to see these trees since I first learned about them as a child. I hugged them, smelled them, and talked to them. They talk back, deep in your heart, in ways words fail to capture, with the wisdom 3000 years of existence can provide. I can't wait to have another conversation with them.

For pictures and videos, make sure and visit my main page. It will link you to the Instagram profile with some highlights. Next summer...I return to the land my people were exiled from!

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