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Selling Feelings

As I perused Atlantic articles and Lit Hub articles and CNN articles I watched as my emotions changed. Each peddled a different feeling: soothed me to know I wasn't drinking too much, worried me about about who our next political villain would be, and bored me with stale news cycles (which is also comforting nowadays). These journalists clearly did their job well. As a writer I very much respect them, hoping I can elicit such feelings in you, dear reader.

But the part that troubled me, was that I was fine and dandy before I read them. Now I'm anxious (coffee is an accomplice, I assure you). Whether it's news we consume, a product, or even an idea, they're all looking to get us in the feels. But what if, like me this morning, you were feeling fine? Was the threat, which until this morning didn't know about, really worth the anxiety? Maybe it was. If you didn't realize how biased you were it's a good time to get anxious. But if that threat is ambiguous, if it's based in the ether flowing through our ever changing moment, is it worth your moment of Zen?

I think I read too much.

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