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Katrina, but cold

Full disclosure: I was not in New Orleans for Katrina. The worst we had it in Baton Rouge was power loss for a week. I didn't even have to endure that because I went back to my family's place in Lafayette (where they had mostly blue skies as America's second strongest storm [second only to Rita which occurred less than a month later] ravaged one of the country's oldest cities). But, having just come through Snovid '21 in Austin I can honestly say it felt like Katrina again. So much ambiguity. Crises would get resolved and another would pop up immediately to take its place. No power. Power. No water. Water. Boil your water. And all the while, many of our leaders spent time finger-pointing and grandstanding from warm and dry places. As usual, heroes arose amongst the icicles. Neighbors were saviors. Sixteen years after the greatest natural disaster in American history, one which was as deadly as it was because of human faults, and the people in charge still haven't learned anything. I've learned to know what my neighbors' favorite dishes are so I can say thank you.

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