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Ain't boiled for a crowd since '19

Cute aren't they? They're Texas bugs. Which means they don't have that deep, earthy taste Louisiana ones do. But they did the trick. All 90 pounds of them. We had ourselves a large time. Well, at least the humans did.

It's weird to think the last time it happened on this scale was in 2019. It must say something about my Cajuness that a crawfish boil would get me reflecting on the pandemic at such a deep level. I thought about who we lost. I thought about what changed. But the thing that floors me, that brought a bit of mist in my eye (you tell and I'll just say it was the steamy, peppery boil water in my eyes) was how much my kids have changed. It's how much their lives have changed. But it's also how much I have changed. Don't get me wrong, most of the changes are good. A few less old fashioneds wouldn't kill me. But the last three years taught me to appreciate and be grateful. I could hear my grandmother, my father, my mother, and all the ancestors reminding me to give praise and thanks for the life in front of me. As hard as the last 3 years have been, for the kids, for my wife, for me, for all of my family...I am grateful for where we stand today. And for 90 lbs of crawfish shared with friends.

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